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Mother-in-law: Second Wife (2021)

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Hyuk-joo goes to Joo-hee’s house to try to convince Joo-hee. Joo-hee falls in love with Hyeok-joo and allows her to live with her. In the end, Jeong-min and Hyuk-joo end up living together. Joo-hee aims for Hoshi-tam-tam-hyuk-joo. Jung-min goes on a business trip abroad for a month for work and ends up living in Jeong-min’s home with Joo-hee’s consideration. Joo-hee is very kind to Hyeok-joo who lives with her. Hyuk-joo is also worried as he feels Joo-hee dashing towards him. Jeong-min’s younger brother, Jeong-hye, also shows interest in the handsome Hyuk-joo and secretly has a love for him. Hyuk-joo is living with Joo-hee and Jeong-hye in an uneasy relationship… … . One day, at Joo-hee’s request, Hyuk-ju leaves with Joo-hee, and Uncle Tae-seok, who helps Joo-hee’s business, comes to the house. Uncle Tae-seok’s kindness drives Jeong-hye into a relationship, and Joo-hee and Hyeok-joo come home to witness this scene. Joo-hee seizes Jeong-hye’s weakness and takes over Hyeok-joo. They continue their intertwined relationships with each other. Jeong-hye fails to fight for Hyeok-joo with Joo-hee, so she enters Tae-seok’s house, and Joo-hee takes over.

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